Wild Tiger Summer Dress

95% Polyester  5%Spandex 
  • Size
Dress Chest Dress length
2 20.5" 20"
3 22" 21"
4 23" 22"
5 24" 23"
6 25" 24"
7 26" 25"
8 27" 26"

10/12 28" 30"
14/16 30"


Customer Reviews

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Storm Theatigis
Best Handmade Clothing For Little Girls

Little Miss Marmalde is by far, one of our most favorite clothing stores for girls! The designs are unique with a wonderful vintage flare! My daughter always feels special when she wears any of these dresses and she knows that her outfits are unique, just like her! We were happy to be able to find something that is still child friendly for her to wear as she is only 9 years old but it very tall, so she fits into a 14-16 already. My only criticism (which is not a negative one, simply meant to be cconstructive, is that we wish we could continue to find appropriate "kids" clothing on this site and others next year and the following year. Our daughter will be 10 and will still like wear dresses that are cute with fun designs on them. It would be really amazing to see more companies addressing this issue so we wouldn't have to dress our children in teenagers clothing. Other than that we are always delighted with the clothing you make and are grateful to have pieces in her wardrobe that enable her to express herself individually!! As my daughter said when she tried on this dress; "Thank-you for making my life beautiful!" This says it all!

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